Mathews Archery

Mathews Archery
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Mathews Archery. 

Mathews archery Featured in dozens of TV shows and magazines, Mathews bows are engineered with durable materials to achieve accuracy and precision. These bows have been used in competitions by professional bowhunters. Mathews bows are constructed to ensure minimal vibration and noise when shooting a bow while hunting or in competion.

Mathews Archery – What are the characteristics of a compound bow?

Mathews compound archery products make use of a series of pulleys to propel a projectile forward. These types of bows are not flexible, and they are an advanced and complicated weapon. Using a compound bow requires physical strength. Bows like these are also engineered to be nearly silent, which helps decrease noise in the woods while hunting game. When hunters are stalking prey in the woods, quiet equipment helps conceal their location.

What benefits are there to using a Mathews compound bow?

Bow hunters have a longer hunting season than those who only hunt using a gun. Using a bow to hunt builds different skills and is considered more challenging by avid sportsmen. Bow hunting technology has been used for thousands of years, and many hunters feel that this tried-and-true method is the natural and fair way to hunt that pays due respect to the animal.

How is a Mathews compound bow strung?

Stringing a Mathews compound bow should be done by an experienced person to avoid injury or broken parts. With the Mathews archery bow safely secured in a bow press, which is required for most bows, attach one end of the new string to the cam or teardrop at one extremity of the limb. Then, loop the other end around the opposite cam or teardrop. Next, slowly retighten the bow and carefully remove it from the press. While some bows can be restrung by hand, it is always safer to use a press. Bowstrings may deteriorate over time due to regular wear and tear, so it’s important to examine the equipment regularly. The string should be replaced as soon as any wear appears to keep the bow working properly.

What types of arrows are used in bows by Mathews?

Bows like those made by Mathews use the same types of archery arrows as any other bow. While some archery projectiles are still made of wood, most are made from fibreglass, carbon fiber, or aluminium. Commonly used models of arrows for bow hunting with Mathews compound bows include Maxima Red by Carbon Express, Easton Full Metal Jackets, and Gold Tip 5575.

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