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Sincerely, I don't write reviews, but I found this bow on sale, it's accurate, and I'm prepared to find the box. After having it examined, the folks at were impressed by the cost and the fact that the stringing was sturdy, which they mentioned isn't always the case. That is the best product available, in my opinion—especially straight from Obsessed Archery—and I will be utilizing it to shoot deer very soon!
Steven Fred
Excellent customer service and high professionalism characterize Obsessed Archery as a company. I could not recommend Obsessed Archery strongly enough; they quickly and effectively resolved the difficulties. I appreciate your excellent service.
Gerard Quinn
Easy to order and I received my shipment promptly. Very comfortable fit and aesthetically improves the look of the bow. Great simple upgrade.
William Ben
Been a devoted client, having spent more than Thousands of $$ with them. My order problem was resolved with great assistance from customer service. My stuff arrived this morning as promised.
Owen Davies
Excellent use of the Obsessedarchery website. Everything that was in stock was shipped out within a few days and delivered the following day! A special thanks to customer service, who has always helped a lot of us choose the appropriate gear and personalize our bows and arrows. Whatever our ability level, he always demonstrates the same dedication and enthusiasm!
Susanna Loddo-Hassan
I was very happy with the service provided by Obsessed Archery. They confirmed that the competitively priced supplies were in stock and available for shipping, answered the phone right immediately, and supplied knowledgeable advise. The things came on schedule and in good packaging. I will have no trouble referring this expertly managed and well-organized company to others for all of their archery needs. Impressive.
Point Blank
This relates to my most recent transaction, but over the previous seven years or so, I have placed numerous orders with Obsessed Archery, and each time, they have delivered excellent service, fixing any problems that may have arisen. This time, on Sunday night, I placed an order for some materials (a bulk pack of target faces). I was taken aback when I received a shipment notification on Monday morning. The things were delivered by courier on Tuesday. Fantastic.
Jon James
One of the best online shops. Even when waiting for back orders, I was able to use it multiple times without any problems. Excellent customer service and communication are provided in response to minor stock level difficulties, which is extremely appreciated and makes a big difference. To moderate expectations, use black and white stock level information. Excellent selection of goods that I hope they continue to grow; a one-stop staple store for the majority of necessities. I can't wait to see the newly equipped Burton store!
Mickey K.
Night vision scopes
Thermal scopes
Fantastic experience overall. To see if Obsessed Archery could match the pricing of an item I had discovered elsewhere, I got in touch with them. They arranged the invoice right away after managing to beat the pricing by a few pounds. Once I made my payment, the item was shipped out promptly. The item came a few days later. It's impossible to ask for more than that, is it?
Kontrive Jim
I've made extensive use of Obsessed Archery. I really appreciate the recurve setup and the arrows you recently sent. The staff is always prepared to talk through possibilities and offer knowledgeable guidance.
Ian Jeffery
These people really outperformed me. Obsessed Archery reshipped my item using a different courier after there was an initial delay owing to a problem, and I received it practically the next day. They answered my emails in a very timely manner and kept me updated at every stage. I've purchased archery equipment from Obsessed Archery a few times, and each time the quality has been excellent.
Toby W.
I've only recently taken an interest in archery. Of course, because Obsessed Archery is so prolific, I found them. Over the past few weeks, I have placed a lot of orders, and I have found them to be quite communicative and dependable.
Mr Stuart-Colwill
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