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Bow Stabilizer

Adding stabilizers to your setup can help you shoot more consistently, but many misconceptions prevent people from utilizing them.

It will get in the way. Too much on my bow… It’s too heavy. Keep it simple. 

Those are just some of the statements that come up when someone looks at my bowhunting setup. I’ve been running long front bars and back bars for over 10 years on my hunting bow with great success. I believe if you feel it will help make that one shot count, then by all means, use it to your advantage.


Typically, the number one use for a “stabilizer” in the realm of hunting has been noise and vibration dampening. While the Flatline™ stabilizer does help in those areas, I do not exclusively think of them that way. To me, they are an important part of my bowhunting arsenal and are used to fine-tune my bow.

bow stabilizer

Do you ever notice that once you get to full draw, it takes a while for your bow to get settled and for the bubble level to even out? That slight amount of time could be the breaking point when that moment of truth happens this fall.

A stabilizer and a back bar will help make your sight settle faster, which then gives you more time to focus on aiming and pulling through your shot process. That time you gain could be the difference in releasing a perfect arrow or having to pass up a shot due to settling at full draw taking too much time and the animal moving to where you don’t have a shot. best stabilizers. 

Stabilizer for a bow

Front stabilizers are meant to give your bow resistance to movement (a tighter hold) while you are at full draw. The longer the stabilizer is out front, the increased effects of that resistance you will see to some extent.

Bow Stabilizer

Compound bow stabilizer

For the most part, the length of a stabilizer is a matter of personal preference. But certain considerations should come into play. If you routinely hunt from a ground blind, then a shorter front stabilizer will benefit you the most. The same could be said for the treestand hunter if you hunt from a stand that has limbs that could get in the way.

Bow Stabilizer

On the other hand, there are western bowhunters. For the most part, stabilizer length for a western hunter isn’t as critical, and you can just shoot the length that helps you shoot the best groups (within reason on length, of course). The extra length will help stabilize your bow and, in turn, tighten your groups.

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